Job Provider

What types of jobs can be posted on Jobsdiem? Our platform is open for any type of industry and size of job. You can post an ongoing employment offers, a shift you need covering or even outsource some work you need done in your business or home.

How is Jobsdiem different than other platforms?

It starts with you being able to post for free.

Jobsdiem then use a targeting system to match your post to relevant candidates only by using job-tags (skills and positions), location, availability and more. You receive a list of suitable candidates that expressed interest, you are able to check their profiles, reviews, ratings and previous jobs. You only pay a small fee if you like to unlock the CV and the chat function to communicate with the candidates you choose. If the candidates do not reply to your messages, the system will automatically return your credit after 7 days.

How do I hire a worker?

• Log in to your client account • Click on the + button on the bottom of the main screen • Select the type of offer you are posting • Enter Job tittle, Description and details of the job • Post the job and wait for interested candidates and offers • Look for the best candidates by checking their profiles, ratings, reviews and previous jobs experiences. • After choosing the candidates, you pay a small fee to unlock communication with the ones that best fit your needs.

Do I pay to post a job?

No, posting a job is completely free of charge. After you receive a list of candidates, you will only pay to unlock the communication between you and the chosen candidate.

What if my post doesn’t get matched with any worker?

The system will automatically keep re-posting your job till the date set by you to end post.

What happens to my credit if the worker does not reply?

If you use a credit to unlock a worker and he doesn’t reply within 7 days, your credit will automatically return to your account.

How much does it cost to hire a casual worker?

Workers in our platform are intendent, meaning they choose their own rates. After posting a job you will receive interests and offers that can be less or more than your guide price. You have the chance to check profiles, check reviews, check ratings, when choosing the best suitable users you only pay a small fee to unlock communication which gives you the opportunity to chat and negotiate further if necessary.

Can I pay for a casual job though the platform?

Although is not obligatory you can pay for a casual worker though the platform, on the chat function you can click on the options button, select pay and enter the amount.

What if I suspect of a fraudulent worker account?

If you unlock a worker but suspect the account is fraudulent, please contact our team that will immediacy investigate and return your credit if proven true.

What if a worker is abusive on the chat?

We do not tolerate any form of abuse in our platform, please report it to our team and the worker account will be blocked of messaging.

Job Seeker

What do I need to register as a job seeker on the platform?

• You need to be at least 18 year of age • Eligible to work in the UK • Provide personal information like name, age, national insurance number, address, a copy of a photo ID and etc. • Have a current account in the UK • Have a smartphone with internet connection

How does a job seeker’s account works?

• Register and choose the type of jobs you are interested in • Log in to your account • Go to calendar and set your availability if necessary, but there is no need to worry if you are available at any time and days of the week • You don’t have to do anything to get jobs, you will be notified when suitable offers are available. • After receiving offers, you need to confirm interest on the jobs you like. • You have the ability to negotiate on prices for casual jobs. • You have the ability to text the job provider through the chat function, so make sure to add any relevant information that can help you secure the job • For ongoing employment opportunities, the job provider can set the interview straight on the platform and that goes automatically to your profile calendar. • For casual jobs negotiations it’s also done within the app, you can even get payed thought the app if necessary.

What type of Jobs can I get?

Jobsdiem is one stop shop for you to find ongoing employment as well as casual jobs to increase your income. You can choose if you want to receive just ongoing employment offers, just casual or both. The system will only send you offers after checking your calendar availability, so we don’t waste your time.

Will I be a Jobsdiem employee?

Job seekers are independent contractors and not employees of Jobsdiem. As independent workers, you have the flexibility to set your own rates, schedules, and work areas.

Is there a limit of jobs I can take?

There is no limit, our system checks your availability before sending you the offers, so you can close as many deals as you would like.

What type skills do I need?

Jobsdiem is an open platform for you to enter all the information that you think is relevant to you. You can enter as many job-tags as you like (that are relevant to what you are looking for) and the system will only match you to jobs according to your specifications.

Is there a limit of job tags I can enter on my profile?

There are no limits of tags, we encourage you to enter as many jobs tags as you have the skills for, more tags mean more opportunities of getting matched.

When to I get paid for casual jobs is payed through the app?

The amount negotiated with the client will be transferred to the bank account provided within 7 days after the completion of the job.

How much does it cost for job seeker to use the platform?

To apply for ongoing employment opportunities is completely free and you can contact and apply as much as you like. For casual jobs if payed through the app, you pay a 10% transactional fee of the price agreed with the job provider.

What if I want to work just in certain days?

You can go to your calendar and enter your availability; the system will only send you job offers for the days that you are free.