September 17, 2021

How To Make Extra Money As A Student


University can be an expensive experience. That goes without saying! However, don’t allow overpriced takeaway or expensive textbooks to hinder this enjoyable time of your life. 

With the evolution of technology, work ethic and outside of the box thinking you can earn some extra cash as a student during these financially frantic times. Below are 5 practical ways you can make extra money as a student. 

1. Freelance and Gig Work

Freelancing is a popular method of earning a substantial income both full-time and part-time. The positive thing about being a freelancer is that you can focus on your specialities, allowing you to provide undeniable value to your customers. 

You might be wondering how you can find freelance opportunities that align with your skillset. Apps such as Jobsdiem give students the ability to earn extra income as a freelancer. We will match you with freelancing gigs that are similar to the skills you put on your profile. As a busy student, you can now let the opportunities come to you!

If you are struggling to find where you fit as a freelancer, try your hand at gig work, this could be anything from a delivery driver for uber eats to a general maintenance gig. 

2. eBay and Depop 

Selling on eBay and Depop is a fantastic way to add some extra money to your pocket as a student. You can go all the way and start a business or you can do it in your spare time! If you can not find anything around the house try charity shop hunting. Or if you don’t have the time, ask your friends and family if they have any old video games you can purchase from them. Another way you can find some items to sell is by checking your collection of trainers, video games or clothes. The beauty of both these platforms is the amount of traffic they get every month. For you, this means that you will not have to do any heavy marketing campaigns to sell your stuff. Get started ASAP there might be a gold mine in your wardrobe! 

3. Sell your old textbooks, CDs, Games & Videos

University students have an ideal starting point with this method of earning some extra income as a student. Speak with your peers to see if they will give you their old textbooks. Alongside that, We all have old books from failed new years resolutions of reading more! Turn those unwanted books into cash by using bookselling apps like Ziffit. A simple and easy process for you to add extra income for your next visit to a beer garden or even save up for your next holiday.

4. Tutor 

Another way on how you can make money as a student is by utilising your knowledge of a subject and becoming a tutor. This method could be quite lucrative as a student with an average estimated earning potential of £15.30 per hour. If you like this idea of earning extra money as a student, consider creating a Jobsdiem profile to showcase your ability to local prospective clients.

5. Virtual Assistant 

With the increase of remote jobs, virtual assistants are in demand. A virtual assistant supports businesses or individuals with tasks that are outsourced to remote workers. These gigs could vary from customer service for an eCommerce business or accounting for a local brick and mortar. Virtual assistant gigs are fantastic for a student looking to earn some extra money because you can complete tasks anywhere in the world, all you need is a good wifi connection.

Hopefully, you are well on your way to earning extra income as a student. Don’t procrastinate and get started!

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University can be an expensive experience. That goes without saying! However, don’t allow overpriced takeaway or expensive textbooks to hinder this enjoyable time of your life.  With the evolution of technology, work ethic and outside of the box thinking you can earn some extra cash as a student during these financially frantic times. Below are […]

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Out & about London July 13, 2021

As a student or gig worker in London, it’s not always worth following the tourists around the busy, expensive attractions. You’ve seen the London Eye, you know about the London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds. Here are some places in London to visit that aren’t quite on the main tourist circuit

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Out & about London 2021-07-13 13:31:37

As a student or gig worker in London, it’s not always worth following the  tourists around the busy, expensive attractions. You’ve seen the London  Eye, you know about the London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds. Here  are some places in London to visit that aren’t quite on the main tourist  circuit, are often cheaper or free, and will make for a great student or  young person experience in the capital.  

Sky Garden - 20 Fenchurch Street  

At the top of the skyscraper on Fenchurch Street known as the Walkie  Talkie is a garden observatory with very hard to beat, immediate views of  the city and its rooftops. Just a short walk from Monument tube station,  the Sky Garden is free(!) seven days a week, though you have to book  tickets in advance. However, there is also a range of restaurants 35 floors  up the Walkie Talkie if you want to splash out.

Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill 

If you want some equally stunning but more natural views of London, take  a short trip up from beautiful Regent’s Park to Primrose Hill, which just on  the edge of Central London provides breathtaking views of the city. Go at  

sunset and enjoy the magical old lamp posts lighting up the park when it  gets dark.  

If you like that, go a little further north to Hampstead Heath, one of the  largest parks in London, that stands higher than Primrose Hill and is set  further back, so while not as immediate, provides an amazing wide  panorama of the capital.  


Camden Lock 

Okay, it’s a little touristy, but Camden Lock and it’s market is worth a visit if  you haven’t been. Great street food, weird and wonderful stores popping  out everywhere, tattoo parlours, and yes, the Vagina Museum, are all on  offer. Plus you can take a boat ride on the pretty canal to get away from 

the crowds. And if you’re after a little music, just across the street is the  Electric Ballroom, or if you’re in the mood for some jazz, the famous Jazz  Cafe.  


Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane  

While Borough Market is always a great foodie experience, Spitalfields  Market offers up great food, fashion and art in a historic location, plus you  can walk across the road and check out Brick Lane, enjoying the  incredible array of graffiti and street art, vintage shops and the best bagels  in town. There’s so much on offer round here that’s not too pricey, or has  the regular Central tourist crowds. If you need a drink after a day at the  market, head to the Breakfast Club in Spitalfields, and walk through a  fridge (yes) to the hidden speakeasy-style cocktail bar The Mayor of  Scaredy Cat Town.  

Spitalfields Market


Waterloo Vaults  

The Vaults are located under the railway tracks going in and out of  Waterloo station. For a while now, they’ve been used as an open space  for general creativity, boasting some of London’s best graffiti, art  installations and there is even the underground Vaults theatre that hosts  the Vaults festival, one of London’s best performing arts festivals. If that’s  not your thing, there’s a pub restaurant inside the Vaults serving up some  great grub and board games, so you can play Monopoly or Settlers of  Catan whilst having a burger and a pint.

BFI Southbank / IMAX / Prince Charles Cinema  

Cinephile? There’s loads of cinemas in London, but like a lot of things in  the city, they’re usually overly expensive for what they are. If you’re under 

25 though, you can get £3 tickets to the BFI Southbank, the centre of  cinema in the UK showing everything from the latest blockbuster to 70mm  prints of Lawrence of Arabia, and offering live Q+As with the most  respected directors in the world. And if you’re after a matchless big screen  experience, head across the road to the BFI IMAX, boasting the biggest  screen in Europe. If you want something a bit more independent, skip past  the Vue cinema in Leicester Square down a side street to the Prince  Charles Cinema hiding behind it. Reportedly Tarantino’s favourite cinema,  it serves up new Oscar winners and old classics alike.

Hackney and Dalston  

Hackney and Dalston, in north-east London, are a haven for hipsters, but  they offer up a lot more than that. Another area of London that provides  incredible and unique nightlife, Hackney and Dalston have some of the  city’s best bars and clubs. Historically a Turkish area and now a diverse  hub of culture, there’s some fantastic restaurants of all cuisines, and it  also doubles up as the best place to get a kebab and a haircut. There’s  also a phenomenal bustling arts scene. If you’ve not had your fill of arty  stuff, check out the stunning Rio Cinema, a truly independent stunning Art  Deco movie theatre and the Arcola, an Off-West End theatre at the  forefront of emerging theatre in the UK.

Fabric / Brixton Academy / Electric Brixton / Ministry of Sound 

Like a night out? London is known for some of the best nightlife in the  world. There’s also some pretty bad stuff, so don’t go anywhere. Ministry  of Sound in Elephant & Castle and Fabric in Farringdon are regularly cited  as two of the best nightclubs in the world. There’s also Brixton, a must-go  for people looking for a lively area with amazing nightlife, also offering  great street food and vintage shops. 

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